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algarve sea mavic portugal

  1. Bernard

    Mini 3 Sagres Fortress, Algarve, Portugal - A Bad experience of a Strong Wind Warning...

    Sagres Fortress (Algarve, Portugal) Shortly after takeoff, several strong wind alerts... ("Strong wind warning. Aircraft unable to return to home automatically. Lower altitude immediately and return to home manually - Code: 30149) I had a lot of trouble bringing the Mini back, the wind pushing...
  2. M

    Mini 2 Algarve beach

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  3. A

    Drones in Portugal

    Hello, I am from the UK and I am visiting Portugal in June, hoping to fly my drone there. However when I try to register the drone the system asks for a ‘digital key’ which I do not have and don’t understand how to get. Do any of you know how to get this or do the registration without this...
  4. Cláudio

    Algarve - Portugal Sea View

    Algarve by sea in mavic eyes