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  1. RawRock

    Want to buy old Titan Atlas amplifier and antennas with whips for mavic platinum.

    Will pay what i need to to get a Titan Atlas antenna and whips for a mavic. Anyone have any ideas? Name your price! (Love to have a car kit also, but I can find those easy.
  2. D

    Amp Modification decreased signal?

    Hello, I recently got a Mavic Pro and decided to boost it. I did the same thing for my Phantom 3 standard except the P3 also had a 5.8ghz amp. I had a P3 S that would fly farther than most P3 pros so I decided to do the same mod to my Mavic Pro I was wondering if anyone has ever noticed...
  3. M

    Omni directional antenna recommendations?

    Hi Modified my controller w/ sms connectors, planning on running LMR240 cable (~15-20 foot) to two omni directional antennas on some poles to get them up in the air higher. Looking for recommendations on the following a) Omni directional antennas for this, any recommendations? b) Think I...