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  1. Yaros

    DJI Fly 1.5.4 FINALLY Adds Expo Settings?! Please confirm!

    I have seen this screenshot on the DJI official forum and in the release notes it says that they added Expo settings: The question is: Only for Mavic 3 or all drones?? Haven't had time to test it yet, will do it as soon as I can, probably today or tomorrow!
  2. G

    Mavic air 2 switch to FCC mode using an android app

    Hello All, I have created an android app which allows switching from CE to FCC mode . APK is attached , usage (currently need to use bottom type C port for patch only): 1.connect mavic air 2 controller bottom type C cable to your android device , turn on the controller . my application...
  3. C

    Programmed Rotate in Place

    Looking to video a circle of people from a fixed position in the center. I'd like to program the drone (in my case, Mavic Pro) to rotate in place at a preset RPM. Does anybody know of a software or other way to accomplish this? I know that I can adjust the Yaw endpoint and hold the stick in...
  4. RTJersek

    Mavic pilots iOS app

    I'm wondering as to why in the app it's saying "you do not have permission to reply" but when I use the Mavic pilots site I can reply to anything and everything
  5. sporte77

    Washington State Parks Drone Application - Cape Disappointment

    I wanted to post this experience, since there aren't any others for my area. We are camping at Cape Disappointment near Long Beach & Ilwaco, Washington. It's located at the mouth of the Columbia River. I'll edit - or add to the post after we complete our trip that starts April 2. I've seen...