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  1. AeroFlix 4D

    Air 2 Poipet Cambodia trailer

  2. mattcoq

    2 Pro Sunrise Over The Lagoon l Vietnam

    Hi everyone, During our stay in central Vietnam, we stayed in a resort on the Cao Hai Lagoon in the Phu Loc District ... Our bungalow was above the water and faced the east, having this special moment every morning, the sun rising from behind the distant hills and reflecting in the fresh...
  3. M

    Views Over & Inside SINGAPORE

    We had a short layover in the Lion City and it did not disappoint! I hope you all enjoy this brief look at our first time in Singapore! Kindly give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed it! Thanks ❤️
  4. D

    Bali - Anantara Seminyak Beach and Visesa Ubud Resort

    Aerials views of the beautiful beach at Anantara Seminyak Resort and the rice fields in Visesa Ubud Resort in Indonesia Music: Sam Feldt ft. George Shelley - Leave Me Alone Hello all!!! Please support my video, I am new here!!! Its a great community here.
  5. Papone93

    Andrea From Italy Living in Dublin

    Hi everybody i have been looking for answers about everything so far on this forum... really thanks. BuT now I have an important question , i will visit Mongolia on February, i got a Mavic pro and i'm wondering if is there any permit or registration that has to be done upfront or even in...
  6. mikevangorkom

    Above Mongolia | 4K - DJI Mavic Pro

    In July of 2017 I spent 3 weeks in Western and Southern Mongolia. I composed this video to show the size, scope, and beauty of The Mongolian countryside. From the Altai Mountains to the Gobi Desert, the landscapes are more vast and varied than I had imagined. This was my first time traveling...
  7. F

    Drone regulations per country Information

    Hello guys, Do you know if there's a website showing all drone regulations per country ? as well as drone experience travelling to those countries? Some countries doesn't have clear information about drone flying. What's more, in some countries drone flying is just banned (I've read an...
  8. R

    Panoramic Photography

    I wanted to share some photos I made on our trip through southeast asia. Enjoy! :) More photos: SkyPixel - Connecting Creativity
  9. D

    New Member from Scotland

    Hello all, Had my Mavic for a few months now and loving it. I live in Scotland but have my bird with me for a wee Asia trip. Anyone in Hong Kong or Koh Samui? Thank you to the peoples advice I've already found. Look forward to being part of the community.
  10. B

    One day in Bangkok...

    DJI could be the next Apple Computer. A lot of people rightly complain when they had a bad experience with a company. Today I had the opposite. My son Finn received a DJI Mavic Pro drone for Christmas. It was sort of one of those gifts that you give your kid because you want to play with it...
  11. W

    3 days Singapore

    Hello everyone. My Singapore trip is near end and i want to let you join some Mavic footage. Please comment or better, subscribe my YT-Channel! YT-Channel: Patrick Steinkuhl
  12. gabetaviano

    Siem Reap, Cambodia - Video 1