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  1. Cheech Wizard

    Crazy ATC arguments with pilots.

    Hear what goes on in ATC workdays: MORE : planes and control tower arguing - YouTube
  2. DownandLocked

    How to Identify Yourself in Radio Communication with Control Tower

    Has anyone in this forum flown an approved mission in tower controlled airspace using a radio to communicate with the control tower during the mission? If so, how did you identify yourself during that mission? As a licensed full scale pilot, we identify ourselves with our airplane model type...
  3. jezzrite

    Mavic Pilots Malaysia

    Any Mavic Pilots in Malaysia? I am based in Sarawak, although my hometown is in Selangor. BTW, I am a licensed air traffic controller, so feel free to ask me anything related to drone regulations. Cheers!
  4. M

    Part 101 or Part 107

    This question is for someone who has a Remote Pilot Certificate. How easy is the semi automated process to contact ATC to clear a flight compared to having to contact each of the towers/managers around you. I live by a Class D airport along with 4 heliports. If it simplified being able to fly...