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atti mode drift

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    Help understanding crash on a balcony

    Hello, I would appreciate if anyone could help me get a better understanding of what I did wrong that caused a crash of my Mavic 2 Pro on the balcony where I was trying to land it. I was maneuvering the drone towards the balcony, when, at about a couple of meters of distance, it stopped its...
  2. D

    Mini 3 Atti mode crash - is this clearly user error or potentially a malfunction?

    Hey everyone, My drone took off from an almost identical flight 20 off minutes earlier and wouldn't increase altitude or stop drifting forward due to GPS issues. This resulted in a crash. The response from DJI was as follows: 1. The aircraft worked under ATTI mode after it took off. 2...
  3. A

    Atti Mode Drift Crash

    Have posted files here in hope to understand, more granularly, what happened to me. After thirty flights from this same location and manual take-offs, the A/C dropped out of Opti GPS into Atti Mode and rapidly move away in a no wind situation. Estimate that it was all over in about 12 seconds...