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  1. mikeGR

    Image wrong focus (?)

    Hello, fellow Mavic pilots! Let me start by saying I have read multiple posts about setting camera focus and experimented with different settings; long back I made the decision not to use manual but instead go with autofocus. Also, I opted out of continuous autofocus and rather focus "once", by...
  2. TreeburnerCT

    Center AF

    Until recently I've had my C1 button set to Center Autofocus. However, after adding a second RC with the Cyclone antenna system the C1 button no longer resets autofocus to the center and it's no longer an option. What happened? Thanks, Joe
  3. N

    Cold, Autofocus, and the Bubble

    After quite a bit of experimentation, I've figured out some stuff with my Mavic, I thought I'd share. First, flying in cold (20F) weather, my battery was fine, but the camera seemed not to have a flat focal plane. Edges was blurry. Figured out, that this was just an artifact of the cold (go...
  4. Butterpuff 6

    Camera Focus Functions - Manual Focus & Continuous Auto

    Just saw the following info on camera focus on the Mavic FAQs on DJI's website. It seemed to answer or hint at an answer to a couple of questions I still was unsure of. It seems there will be a manual focus option with a focus slider and it looks like the Mavic can continuously autofocus on a...