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  1. B

    D-Cinelike turned off in Quickshot mode

    Has anyone else experienced the D-Cinelike profile being switched to standard when a Quickshot is initiated? This is with a Mavic Air.
  2. kcoleman805

    Reverse Point of Interest

    Is there a way to use one of the Mavic "modes" to basically do a shot that is a continuous circle at an adjusted speed but instead of the camera pointing at one object it is pointing out and getting the whole surrounding area? Like if you were on top of a mountain or somewhere in nature, could...
  3. K

    Litchi: AEB+PANO

    Cannot find anywhere if Litchi is supporting AEB when shooting panoramas in Pano mode. Also what is maximum number of shots for AEB? Only 3? I was trying HDR pano with DJI Go app and it was very time demanding when up in the air especially with storm approaching. It took me almost 5 minutes for...
  4. Kennetf

    Properly battery treatment during discharge

    Hey peepz! I haven´t flown my mavic lately, and I think the 10-day limit for automatic discharge is upon my two batteries. I know the "proper way" to treat your batteries if you plan to not use them for a while, is to fly them to 20-30% or so. However, I like to have them fully charged, just in...