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  1. J

    Question: RTH under a cliff

    SOLVED! check at the bottom ↓ Hi guys, I have a question about RTH feature and a cliff. Imagine we are at the top of a cliff of 150 meters over the sea, And we setup the RTH altitude at 50m, And we setup the homepoint there at the top And we fly our drone down the cliff, to 20 meters...
  2. S

    Found lost mavic but problem!!!

    last week, while doing a pullaway shot, crashed my mavic into woods. didn't find it at that time. today, went back to the location, found it lying on the ground with some dirt, broken blades etc.. I took it home, cleaned, battery charged. it took off, but it wasn't hovering at 3ft but It was...
  3. D

    Front obstacle avoidence sensors not working

    During RTH I get the error, Warning front obstacle avoidance sensors not working. Any ideas? The obstacle avoidance seems to work fine indoors or just flying around outside unless I do RTH. I was not flying towards the sun but there was quite a bit of wind.
  4. J-Dub

    To Sensor or Not to Sensor, that is the question.

    Seems to be a lot of posts on sensor-related issues. Forward sensor problems when flying into the sun. Ground sensor problems when landing. Where would it be advisable to disable the sensors? (ie: When coming in to land from high up, can we hover, and then disable ground sensors so we can...