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bad video feed

  1. T

    Video image on my phone is very washed out.

    Hi, I'm having problems with the video on my phone screen being very washed out like as if there is a lot of contrast. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and my DJI Mavic 2 Zoom camera setting is set to auto and the white balance is set to sunny when it's sunny and cloudy when it's cloudy. The...
  2. S

    Newbie Help - Video Feed Bad

    Hi, I am new to the Mavic series (purchased one just a few days ago) it is pre owned and is my very first drone. I am having issues with the video feed on the GO4 app. The videos on the SD card are fine but the videos cached on the phone are not just low-res (which would be normal but just near...
  3. baddog

    Bad video feed to device

    Hi All, I received a new drone from DJI to replace a drone thought to be at the bottom of the ocean, an entirely different story/post. Anyway, since I started flying the new drone I started getting subtle interference in my video feed to the device. It progressively got worse flight after...