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  1. R

    Sending My Little Oil Painting Maker Back for a Second Time!

    I am sending mine back for the second time for the oil paining effect. Seems like occasionally (and I mean only occasionally) if I format the SD card and reset camera settings that I get a good video. But, the moment I change to an Art or DLog setting and change back to a Standard mode the...
  2. thefrisbee995

    HONEST Opinion Please? (How Can I Improve??)

    TLDR: Read The Bold I made this video with my P3P a year ago and as great as it is getting comments and friends telling me what they think, something tells me that the MavicPilots community on here understand what it's like to make videos with their drones. Please can I have an honest opinion...
  3. UAV Man

    Love the Karma.... NOT

    Haha, love the iPhonedo reviews.... well when he's not doing bad music videos...