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bag case shoulder

  1. D

    Who's happy with their bag with a MavMount & iPad?

    I waited to get a bag for a few weeks after buying my Mavic. Now that I am happy with the MavMount holder and an iPad, I'm ready to get a bag. Of course, I'll also want to include an extra battery. Does anyone have a bag they are happy with that accommodates all of this?
  2. C

    Storing a Mavic and batteries in a carry bag

    I don't feel like paying a load of money on an official bag. I found an old camera bag with compartments that fits the Mavic and all its foodies perfectly. The Mavic would stand on its end in the bag. As in, notnoyihf flat. Same with the batteries and remote. Is this ok? Or should the Mavic...
  3. motard

    New bag

    Pick in Local store, DSLR area, fits perfectly, plenty of space. Only 16.99€. image post