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battery charging hub

  1. L

    Merging 2 charging hub power adapters into 1 with a Y configuration output

    Can somehow I merge 2 power adapters of the DJI Battery Charging Hub for Mavic 2 Pro into 1 with two outputs so it would charge 2 x 4 batteries? How many wires run inside the jacket, only 2 and it simply provides power or it is some kind of smart wire configuration that can not tolerate...
  2. Eagle Eye 62

    I made a dumb mistake - slow charging

    Just an FYI, I went to charge my Mavic 3 batters this morning and they were charging super slow. So I checked the power plugs and cables and realized I had the battery charger on the cable from the USB and not directly coming out of the charger. Apparently, the USB port is not nearly as...
  3. C

    Faulty 65W car charger?

    Hi all, I'm setting up a remote charging solution for my Mavic 3 and have started with a 12.8V 30Ah LiFePo4 battery and a 65W car charger which came with a 100W type C charging cable (this eBay one to be precise). I've tried charging a single Mavic 3 battery which is at 50-75% state of charge...
  4. kcoleman805

    Triple Flashing Lights

    Just took my Mavic for a flight using two batteries. Finished flying and brought my Mavic inside to charge the batteries. I placed my two batteries into the charging dock, as I usually do, and when I did so the light on the charging dock went red. And the green light closest to the power switch...