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battery problem

  1. G

    Low voltage warning... Twice with separate batteries..??

    Fairly new MP owner. Purchased just over a month ago First few missions went smoothly. No issues. I bought a second battery independently to extend overall mission time. Last couple I've been experiencing low voltage issues (I can't remember if the word "critical" was used, but it was a red...
  2. E

    Brand new battery problem

    Hi all, new Mavic pilot here In advance, sorry if there has already been a thread on this, I tried my best to look for one. I've got a bad situation with one of my three mavic batteries that came in the fly more combo when I bought it about a week ago. The other two batteries work fine as I...
  3. W

    Battery not working at all - full charge

    Hi, I have a battery that is fully charged. When I power up with it in the mavic.. nothing happens but the 4 battery lights stay on. There is a youtube video (not mine) that matches my problem here. Is this something I can fix or is this likely a warranty issue? Thanks for any help...