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  1. Nathan Barteau Mavic

    2 Zoom Berkeley Marina in California.

    I was able to fly at Cezar Chavez Park, in Berkeley, California on Saturday the 6th. I flew over the marina sailboats using a ND 8 filter on my 2 Zoom. I would like to know more about altitude limits. I have been flying at the preset max altitude of (I think) 370+- feet without any issues or...
  2. M

    Cesar chavez park in Berkeley

    Hi, I am new to mavic and drones. Trying to find a place to practice. I got the b4ufly app and basically just about almost anywhere in the bay area there is at least 'notification' need for helipads etc [I live near downtown SF] I see on the internet that lot of people fly drones at the cesar...