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  1. pommy

    Video bitrate Air 2S question DLOG/HLG

    Hey all, Can someone clarify something for me? I thought the video bitrate for the Air 2S was 150MBits/s but I’ve been playing with some DLOG vs HLG stuff and noticed that they both have low bitrates? I know there’s no setting for this, so how does it work? Am I mistaken? Misunderstanding...
  2. L

    Mavic 2 image transmission bitrate

    Hello, I have a Mavic 2 pro with a smart controller. Recently I´ve used the smart controllers HDMI output for television broadcasting by sending the signal to the outside broadcasting van. The maximum bitrate I receive from the drone is about 10mbps in HD mode. Is there any official or...
  3. Tanos

    Bitrate per pixel

    After some basic maths* I found out why 1080p looks so much better (at least for me eyes). 4k@60MBPS: 1 pixel gets 7.23bits per second [ (60*10^6)/(3840*2160) bps/pixel ] 1080p@40MPBS: 1 pixel gets 19.29 per second [ (40*10^6)/(1920*1080) bps/pixel ] That's a x2.66 times more information per...