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blurry video

  1. I

    Yet another blurry Mavic Air thread

    Hi, My Mavic Air video is blurry, but only on non-4K. All 4K videos seem sharp. Here is an example 2.7K @ 60fps: ... Za/view?usp=sharing All settings on auto and no ND-filters. Is this normal? Thanks in advance. ------------- UPDATE: I talked to DJI...
  2. O


    Folks - Still quite new to this and on a steep learning curve! I have been using Polar Pro ND 8 & 16 with slow shutter speeds for cinematic video. I have noticed that very often trees or grass can appear blurred or like watercolour paint while the rest of the footage is in focus. Yesterday I...
  3. Black Sky Films

    Blurry video but in focus stills?

    Just purchased a second Mavic Pro and after doing a few flights I am finding that the video image is "soft" or fuzzy on focus. I have several Inspires,only film and edit in 4k. I use the same Mac Pro with a 30in screen so I can get a good look at the images. The first Mavic is perfect.This one...