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  1. Julius Danziger

    Flying over the Charles River in Boston Mass yesterday

  2. B

    BOSTON Awesome Drone Footage 4K

    I took these awesome aerial footage either early in the morning or late afternoon in June 2017. People in Boston are FRIENDLY! A few people came up to me and asked if they can actually see the footage from my screen, how cute! And they are cool that I flew around the park. So I will definitely...
  3. heretic617

    New Mavic Pilot - Boston Massachusetts!

    Hello everyone! I'm just posting a check-in thread to introduce myself. I've been saving my pennies for a year for a Phantom 4, then saw the Mavic Pro and changed my goal... so when I was able to buy it (around Christmas time) I went to order the drone and everyone was backordered! I figured...
  4. C

    Hello from Boston, MA USA

    Hello all, Finally picked up my Mavic from Best buy. Did 10 mins of flying and already love it!
  5. tnhl1989

    Hi from Boston, MA from USA

    Hi all, I am completely a noob to flying drones and can't wait to start. I ordered my drone through the DJI website on Oct 12th. 2016 while I was going on a hike with my friend who happened to carry a DJI Phantom 3 Pro with him. I ended up ordering the flymore combo kit while on the ride up...