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  1. T

    Anti Lost buzzer/finder

    Hi, after I almost lost my mavic air (the internal buzzer didn't work/engaged despite low battery, so the "find my drone") I searched for a solution Many of external solutions I found are for Mavic Pro and Phantoms: A light sensor is tied to the arm light and, by turning off the arm light, an...
  2. T

    Emergency buzzer didn't work

    Hi, I crashed my mavic air (I make the mistake to flew it on the side, in a trees environment) I knew it was on the ground (I got the video transmission) In order to find it, I tried to turn on the beeper/buzzer without any result - even when it reached the low battery level. Happily my son saw...
  3. FlightClub

    Fix Controller Buzzer in 10 Minutes "Easy"

    I have an easy fix for the Mavic Pro Controller Buzzer, "FlightClub Easy Fix". If you hate the annoying Controller Beeping when you enable RTH on the Mavic Pro Controller I can give you a solution to make it an adjustable volume or completely disable it. Late last night, I performed the...