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  1. ssg_60

    Hi from Canberra

    Hi all, new to mavic here. Looking forward to learning and assisting where possible!
  2. Robert S

    Canberra in the mist

    Canberra (Australia) has a great mixture of natural features and man-made landmarks. So far there aren't too many unnecessary restrictions - apart from the usual Civil Aviation rules. I intended to get up early to catch the sunrise on Easter morning, and got fog instead. Please note that I...
  3. M

    Hello from Australia's Capital - Canberra

    Hello all Well iv'e played with r/c and even control line aircraft, even started playing with Ardupilot about 7 years ago ... also been a keen photographer - first digital camera in 1993... even private pilot... Yup --- you guessed it... Drone time - the Mavic Pro seemed like the right point in...