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cape town

  1. Julius Danziger

    3 View of Table Mountain from Blauberg Strand in Cape Town South Africa

  2. G

    Lockdown in Cape Town

    Been stuck in Cape Town for almost 6 months, given that the border was closed. Didn't have my Mavic Pro with me, so decided to buy the new Air 2. Apologies for the sub-standard editing. Was using windows Photo Editor. 2 Weekends of flying: Please watch in HD!
  3. AzuraPhotography

    SANGOMA - An aerial film over Southern Africa (DJI Mavic Pro)

    The Mavic Pro was the drone I had been waiting for, I have always had an interest in aerial photography and videography but the portability of the Mavic was what i needed with my travels. Here is my first credible video i have put together, I'm more of a stills photographer normally so i would...