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  1. A

    Flying abroad

    Hi! I recently took my Mavic mini 2 to Antigua from the UK but connection would be lost within around a couple of minutes no matter where on the island I was and no matter the signal but in the UK now it works fine! Has anybody else had problems while using abroad and would it be worth getting a...
  2. tydrones

    First time flying in Dominican Beach Punta Cana 4K

    Manual Colour Grading done let me know if you think .... Thanks
  3. ripple

    Cayman Islands

    Exploring the natural beauty of some of Grand Cayman’s crystal clear waters, barrier coral reefs and several of the more rugged shorelines from above. Includes West Bay, East End, Wreck of The Ridgefield & the Blow Holes. Footage shot with a DJI Mavic Pro.