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  1. Dany FeelGood

    My Mavic AiR2 plays with Boats !!

    Hello everybody I'm new here and really happy with my Air2 :cool: DJI ND16 FILTER ISO 100 / 60 4K30FPS WHITEBALANCE 5600
  2. Claudcw

    Been away from posting but flying...

    Got a little busy with work and no time for anything, barely flying... But here is a quick one me practicing chasing boats ... Fun times.
  3. DougAles

    Pedestrian and electronic issues during flight

    Hoping I can learn from your feedback. While flying I ran into a issue with someone standing over my camera gear on the groud. I’d like to get your take on how I handled it and what I could have done better. EDIT: Video removed as I intend to redo it, and make it better. Sorry for the...