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  1. J

    Mini Circle QuickShot with Mini 2 - Cristo Redentor

  2. B

    Orbitting around moving object with ActiveTrack

    Hi all, I’m a new Mavic Air owner and new to this forum, so sorry if this topic has been posted before. I’d like to make the Mavic Air circle around a walking person. I find a lot of Mavic Pro search results but nothing about the Mavic Air. Is this possible with the Mavic Air? Thank you in...
  3. kcoleman805

    Reverse Point of Interest

    Is there a way to use one of the Mavic "modes" to basically do a shot that is a continuous circle at an adjusted speed but instead of the camera pointing at one object it is pointing out and getting the whole surrounding area? Like if you were on top of a mountain or somewhere in nature, could...
  4. L

    Round circle in the middle of Mavic Image - reflection, or sensor issue?

    Hello forum - I have an image issue with the Mavic and wondering if anyone else has seen it. In the middle of the image, or sometimes just below and left of center, a circle appears in the image from the Mavic. I shoot at 2.7k, 24fps and have seen this in a lot of my footage. It is more...