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city drone regulations

  1. Yaros

    I can't fly legally over a city in Spain? Am I misunderstanding something?

    Hello, I have flown my drone for almost a year now on the island called Mallorca, in class G airspace, very far away from Airports (90 km / 50 miles away actually). So I don't need to worry about the no-fly zones, because there are actually no no-fly zones nearby. There is no city nearby, only...
  2. heo3480

    Drone Flying In The City

    I made this video about Drone Flying In The City Of Copenhagen when I had to help out a friend to record some Mavic 2 Pro footage for a client of his. I kind of go over the local drone laws and will give you a rare glimpse of Copenhagen from a drone.
  3. A

    City Fly over Permission (Saskatchewan)

    So im thinking of joining the Sky Pixel Contest and i was thinking of filming saskatchewan. im just wondering if has anyone filled out a drone fly over permission form for flying in the cities? i am planning on asking city of saskatoon for permission but im not sure if they would approve me or...
  4. CanyonRunVideos

    State, County & City laws, ordinances or codes that restrict U.S. airspace legal?

    Hello brother's and sister's Remote Pilots, It seems that there are more and more State, County and City laws, ordinances and codes that are trying to control the airspace of The United States of America! As sUAS pilots we need to know the truth about these state, county and city regulations...