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  1. FoxFlight Drone Video

    2 Pro Clearwater Beach, FL -- Party time! (4K)

    Clearwater Beach is one of the top beaches in the U.S. And the quality of the hotels and restaurants along it certainly match the natural aspects! Filmed over two days in June of 2021, this gives you a small glance into how fun it can be. Note that the shots were toward evening on a Saturday...
  2. mysticgnarwhal

    Clearwater Beach - perfect timing to get the drone out

  3. J

    Clearwater Florida Vacation in 4K

    I just got back from vacation at Clearwater Florida. I took the Mavic along with me and had no issues flying with it which I was glad. Put it in a seperate container at the TSA checks and no questions. Flew the drone in the mornings before the beach got crowded and before the wind picked up...
  4. Radioflyers

    Hello from New Port Richey FL

    Loving the Mavic Pro for about a month now. Flown from my RC Club in Odessa FL and many of the Pasco county Parks which should have no restrictions as long as following common sense safety rules. Had some minor Police interest /curiosity and an unexpexted request from a restroom...