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  1. RonanCork

    Air 2s East Cork (Ireland) on a summer morning

    Hi Guys, Some shots of Inch beach near Whitegate, Cork Ireland on a beautiful summer morning. It was very windy but the drone performed really well. However I wasn't brave enough to go far out over the water to take a longer coastline shot - another time though Shot with Air2s with some mild...
  2. Derlisz

    2 Pro Hike at the Dancing Ledge

    This amazing location is located on the Jurassic Coast of Dorset, UK near the town of Swanage. Actually the closest village is Langton Matravers but for best parking spot close to the Dancing Ledge look for Spyway Parking. This are was used in the past for quarrying. Small ships could come...
  3. R

    Flying over water or in high wind?

    Check out how my mavic preformed in some high winds flight and way out over water . The shot with the volcano caldera was about 2 .5 to 3 miles out . It always surprises me how close things look because they are large but in reality they are far!