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close encounter

  1. orionshooter

    Mini 4 Go away little birdie!

    Took some Mini4 Pro video at Twin Lakes just south of Leadville, CO yesterday. This was the closest encounter I’ve had yet with our fine feathered friends. All returned safely. See low left corner of video at 00:21...
  2. Steve F

    Close encounter with an ultralight aircraft - ADS-B did its job

    While flying my Mavic Air 2 drone a couple of days ago I received an ADS-B alert of a nearby aircraft. I occasionally get these alerts and will typically pop open the map to get an idea of where the aircraft is if I do not have a visual on it. In this case I was flying fairly low at probably...
  3. Cookedinlh

    6 Seconds to a Mid-AIR

    This video was produced last year by some fellow pilots and I around how hard it is to see a drone. Most of them own their own aircraft and regularly fly in rural Ontario. Flat open spaces and mostly in good weather. So how hard is it to spot a drone when you are at the controls and what should...