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  1. stldan

    Mavic Air with fly more combo

    Mavic Air with fly more combo in perfect condition. Never flown in bad weather, never crashed. I bought a new drone and my wife won’t let me keep them both lol. So I’ll have to say goodbye to the Air. It has never let me down and I would like to find a good home for it. Asking $700.
  2. V

    THUNDERSALES - HUGE savings on LifThor COMBO

    We just created a new LifThor Sif Standard COMBO - The COLLAPSIBLE Tablet Holder for DJI Mavic Air/Pro and Spark - with great savings! It includes - Tablet Holder with Standard clamp - 3x Video Feed Cables (Lightning / Micro USB / USB Type C) - Adjustable Lanyard - Carrying bag Use...