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  1. I

    Quarterly Compilation 4

    Although it's been a relatively quiet quarter due to the weather I seem to have lots of highlights. Strap in, hold tight and don't forget the beer because it's a long one! Some sections have been sped up or slowed down for editorial reasons. Filmed with a Mavic Air using ND filters and post...
  2. celurae

    Spring capture : combination of Mavic and GH5

    After weeks of cold, gray & rain we finally had some good spring weather this weekend! Time to let the Mavic ( and his brother GH5 ) shine
  3. A

    2017 Epic Year of Drone Compilation

    Hope you enjoy!
  4. IcyLiquid

    Beach Vacation - Punta Cana (Bavaro)

    Footage from my vacation in Punta Cana.