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  1. P

    Mavic Pro wont connect with Lichi on Iphone!

    Hello, I hope this isnt a daft questions but I can't seem to get my mavic pro to connect to the Lichi app. All of the threads I have found have given advice regarding Androids and I've tried a few of those options but none of these have successfully resolved the issue : e.g. deleting and...
  2. Amarand

    Mavic Air and Goggles

    I received the Mavic Air and DJI (White) Goggles today. After getting the RC and the aircraft paired, I updated all the firmware across the board, and took the Air outside. I was able to take off and land a few times, but stopped because it was going to be raining soon. So I took the party...
  3. F

    Remote displaying 'connecting' but not connecting to Mavic

    Hey to all fellow Mavic pilots, Total newbie here so please bare with me! I've had my Mavic for a week and taken it up a couple of times, updated my firmware so that it displayed the new aeroplane mode (I get it's not called this) and when I went to take it out again the same day there was no...
  4. P

    Mavic Pro perpetually "Connecting"

    Hi all, First of all let me say I think this quad is amazing, or was when it was working. I received it last week and all was well. Firmware updated before first use through the DJI Go 4 app on a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Everything set up and flying perfectly. I flew it twice the first day and...