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  1. T

    HoverGames Challenge 1: Fight Fire with Flyers

    Whether man-made or natural, fires are difficult to predict and control. Fires cause billions in damage, destroy entire towns and forests and put countless lives in danger, including first responders at the front line. Hackster.io is currently hosting a UAV contest with NXP called HoverGames...
  2. M

    New Weekly Contest for Best Drone Videos

    For Mavic pilots out there, there is a new contest which was just announced for best drone videos. Cash awards weekly. Here is the link for details: Airvūz - Win $1k: Drone Video of the Week
  3. AirVūz

    AirVūz Drone Video Awards

    The deadline for the AirVūz 2017 Drone Video awards is this Friday (Dec. 15). If you've got awesome videos, consider submitting them. Here's more info on the contest, which includes 12 different categories and cash prizes.