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  1. R

    Dronie quickshot not needed!

    Please leave some feedback to the video.
  2. K

    Flying in Denmark

    Hey guys, I am a new Mavic pilot and I gotta tell it was very exciting at first, I brought my drone to Lithuania, made some nice videos and pictures, but I live in Copenhagen and it was very disappointing to find out that I can't even fly in my city... i was wondering if there is anyone from...
  3. T

    Sunny Copenhagen- nice spring footage

    Last week we went to Copenhagen, we had great time there and a great weather. I had a bit of problem with USB cable- so GO 4 app often went off. As an outcome my favorite piece with the Church of Our Savior tower was out of focus, but I still decided to include it as footage is still great...
  4. Stig N

    Hi from Copenhagen, Denmark

    Hi pilots I'm a hobby photographer who have been dreaming about purchasing a drone in many many years, but not being able to find something that combined a reasonably good camera with a compact travel friendly well-flying drone. Well, the day when the Mavic was announced, I immediately knew it...