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  1. GekoCH

    Mini 3 Copenhagen - City of Contrasts

    During our road trip through Denmark we visited Copenhagen for a few days. What a nice city with a lot of old churches and buildings and in certain locations there are several architectural masterpieces. New buildings with constructions we've never seen. Cactus Towers, 8House, The Tietgen...
  2. Slava Ivanov

    Denmark: Copenhagen, North Sea

    Hey everyone, Below are two of my videos I made over the trip to Denmark. I'm still practicing so all the thought are welcomed.
  3. heo3480

    Drone Flying In The City

    I made this video about Drone Flying In The City Of Copenhagen when I had to help out a friend to record some Mavic 2 Pro footage for a client of his. I kind of go over the local drone laws and will give you a rare glimpse of Copenhagen from a drone.
  4. K

    Flying in Denmark

    Hey guys, I am a new Mavic pilot and I gotta tell it was very exciting at first, I brought my drone to Lithuania, made some nice videos and pictures, but I live in Copenhagen and it was very disappointing to find out that I can't even fly in my city... i was wondering if there is anyone from...
  5. T

    Sunny Copenhagen- nice spring footage

    Last week we went to Copenhagen, we had great time there and a great weather. I had a bit of problem with USB cable- so GO 4 app often went off. As an outcome my favorite piece with the Church of Our Savior tower was out of focus, but I still decided to include it as footage is still great...
  6. Stig N

    Hi from Copenhagen, Denmark

    Hi pilots I'm a hobby photographer who have been dreaming about purchasing a drone in many many years, but not being able to find something that combined a reasonably good camera with a compact travel friendly well-flying drone. Well, the day when the Mavic was announced, I immediately knew it...