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cp nd filters

  1. rleiman

    Mavic 2 Pro filters for the Mavic Air 2

    Greetings Everyone, I noticed in photos that the rectangle lens ring on my Mavic Air 2 looks similar to the same thing on the Mavic 2 Pro. Will filters designed for the Mavic 2 Pro fit on my Mavic Air 2? Truly, Emad
  2. S

    Mavic Pro 2 Zoom and filters at the beach, Fly at night.

    What are the best filters for Mavic Pro 2 Zoom? I live at the beach so glare is an issue from the water i'm sure. it's often very overcast/Marine layer for the first half is not most of the days. Also like to fly at night so what is the best Filter/settings for video at low light conditions. I...
  3. nzgreen

    Off colour video footage. Pink center, vignette edges

    On this particular shoot I seem to have ended up with a strange colour balance across the image when flying at the beach. As you can see I have a pink center spot in the footage and a vignette around the outside. Its more apparent in the low level shots rather than the big high wides. I was...