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  1. Blue Sat Elite

    Air2S Zoom Possibilities, In-depth review

    Hey guys, I made a comparison video of the different Air2S zoom modes. I also added some Artemis Dehalo processed samples of native air2s 4k 2X zoom videos (and also 1080p 2.8X). For me it has been a good solution for getting acceptable 2X Zoom video. Sorry for my poor pronunciation, still...
  2. Z

    Can we convince DJI to enable d-log + zoom at same time?

    I recently did a cinematic video with my air 2s where every clip was shot with about 1.3-1.4x zoom. I really like the field of view and compressed look you can get, similar to m2p hq mode. What I don't like is the normal colour profile xP ... actually, it's not as bad as I thought it would be...
  3. Kennetf

    Do you use the digital zoom?

    Zup peepz! I shot some stills with the mavic pro the other day, and needed to crop them in post due to poor framing. If I were aware of the long distance between the subject and the quad when I shot the images, I could zoom in a little, but to my understanding, you loose the same amount of data...