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cs monitors

  1. Bigdz

    CS 5.5 Monitor (sold)

    Selling my CS monitor, it’s in perfect condition. I have not been using it much as I’m an IOS guy and currently using IPhone 10and IPad 2018 to fly my I2 and M2P. This kit includes: 1xCS 5.5 Monitor 2xBatteries Charging dock (does not included cord, you have to get or use your own) Original...
  2. RLSky-Vid

    Using Crystal Sky Monitor to Unlock NFZ's

    I have an SGI-COA to operate within the Washington, DC NFZ and cannot use either of the CS monitors during the unlock process. Of course I've gone through DJI and have permission to unlock the geo-fence which I've done successfully. I just can't use the CS monitors, either of them, during the...