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    Just after the mural was painted on the Wellington Dam Collie WA
  2. FoxFlight Drone Video

    2 Pro Tujunga Canyon, San Gabriel Mountains, California (4K)

    Starting from the Big Tujunga Dam in the west side of the San Gabriel mountains, Tujunga canyon runs down into the east side of the LA Valley. The morning made me think it was going to be overcast but things started to clear up as I drove up the valley. However, you can see the clouds spilling...
  3. P

    Air 2 1st pictures of a dam in Ireland

    The weather was cloudy and I haven't done any post processing yet on the photos so they aren't great but I hope to get better the more I use it
  4. PhoenixBird

    The Gillespie Dam

    Constructed circa 1920 by a local rancher Frank Gillespie, this concrete gravity dam located on the Gila River between the towns of Buckeye and Gila Bend, Arizona, failed unexpectedly in 1993. Heavy runoff from a series of storms caused the river to overflow, and created a big gap in the...
  5. A

    Halloween - Abandoned & Haunted Dam - 4K

    In honor of being Halloween month, would you spend a night here? Let me know some places you'd like to see droned and I'll see if I can make it happen!
  6. J

    Mavic over a Dam in 4k

    I took my Mavic up to the O'Shaughnessy Dam near the Columbus Zoo in Ohio. Did some flying and I got some decent shots. The last shot I wish I was square with the dam. I also tried to do a little more color grading in this video for a different efftect. Edited in Final Cut Pro X. Thanks for...
  7. Zhultar

    Ruins of OHEB Castle 2K | Czech republic (turn on the sound)

    Google translator: The castle itself was built in the second half of the 14th century at the initiative of the Vilémovo monastery. It is also possible to have him put up with one of the later lien holders. The first written mention of the castle dates back to 1405, when it was owned by Jesek of...
  8. CactusJackSlade

    Winter storm snow and flood waters in Northern, CA

    Our most significant storm in like 6 years... lots of high flowing dams and rivers... some places got 10+ feet of snow (but my Scion XB was incapable of getting me there...)