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  1. Chris P. Chicken

    Beautiful Sunrise + relaxing music | watch, relax, and enjoy!!!

    Beautiful Sunrise + relaxing music | watch, relax, and enjoy!!!
  2. A

    Danske Mavic Pro Piloter Sjælland/København

    Hej Danske Mavic Pro Piloter Hvis du er dansker, så giv dig endelig til kende også selvom du ikke deltager til mødet. Mit mål er at lave en fælles erfaringsudveksling, hvor danske Mavic Pro piloter i KBH mødes. Vi mødes kl 16:30-18.00 d 5 marts 2018 ved Black Swan (Borgergade 93, KBH K) i...
  3. K

    Flying in Denmark

    Hey guys, I am a new Mavic pilot and I gotta tell it was very exciting at first, I brought my drone to Lithuania, made some nice videos and pictures, but I live in Copenhagen and it was very disappointing to find out that I can't even fly in my city... i was wondering if there is anyone from...
  4. Stig N

    Hi from Copenhagen, Denmark

    Hi pilots I'm a hobby photographer who have been dreaming about purchasing a drone in many many years, but not being able to find something that combined a reasonably good camera with a compact travel friendly well-flying drone. Well, the day when the Mavic was announced, I immediately knew it...