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  1. P

    Color cast correction on DJI FC7303 - No option but Adobe?

    Hello, I've got a DJI Mini 2, and I've been using it for hobbyist photogrammetry, mapping, and other things. If you know anything about drone photogrammetry, you'll know that it's very sensitive to lighting conditions-- if it's a patchy-clouded and windy day, you're going to have problems due...
  2. JooB

    Mavic 2 Zoom Lensfun calibration for Darktable 3 etc.

    UPDATE: I added TCA calibration! Attached you find my first try of Lensfun photo distortion and TCA correction data for the whole zoom range of the Mavic 2 Zoom. To use it in Darktable 3 add the data in the attached file to darktable\share\lensfun\version_1\actioncams.xml. Module Lens...
  3. G

    Quick and dirty lens calibration for darktable (Stills only)

    I was in need of a set of lens calibration parameters for darktable, since the RAW files aren't processed to compensate for distortion/tca/vignetting. After reading up on some stuff on the Lensfun site, I managed to piece together a quick set of calibration data to use in any program that...