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  1. cgmaxed

    Drone DJ Source says Mavic 3 to be Released January 2022 at the earliest or by end of Q1. Here are some excerpts from their source, If you don't want to read the whole article: ....there will *not* be a zoom model. The sensor is micro 4/3 but development has been problematic (on the Hasselblad side)...
  2. Qoncussion

    Time & Date are "always" wrong

    I've been flying my Mavic for a little over three months now. When I upload my logs to, the date of each flight always displays as being a few days ago. So, I flew yesterday, May 28th at around 2:30pm. On AirData, the logs show, May 25th @ 12:27pm. Except for my first few flights...