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  1. djidroneservice

    DJI Ronin S DJI Official Refurb

    Not to be confused w/ the cheaper stripped down essentials kit Includes DJI Ronin-S BG37 Grip with Built-In Battery Camera Mounting Plate Focus Wheel RSS IR Control Cable USB-C Camera Control Cable USB Micro-B Camera Control Cable USB Type-C Cable Lens Support Camera Riser...
  2. djidroneservice

    Some Mavic Air 2 Parts Now Available for Purchase! Sorry folks but DJI decided that they are the only ones who can fix gimbals no 3rd party facility. They are not releasing the gimbals to dealers. So the link above is what just rolled in. Use the forum exclusive coupon mavicpilots10 for $10 off your...
  3. djidroneservice

    Brand New Mavic Pro Batteries Lets Run Another Sale (NOT MAVIC 2 BATTERY)

    So we ran it for the weekend and made a nice dent in inventory. WE STILL HAVE PLENTY LEFT SO SALE IS BAAK fairly new batteries manufactured in 2019 so not dinosaur stock you can never have enough batteries..... $62
  4. djidroneservice

    DJI Robot On Sale This Week Only!

    Forum Exclusive Was $549 - Forum Price $449 (inquire within)
  5. djidroneservice

    Sale Expired..... Osmo Mobile 2 DJI Official Refurb Weekend Secret Sale

    $75 Ends Sunday Night
  6. djidroneservice

    Spuce up Your Mavic Mini Look

    Mavic Mini DIY Creative Kit Now in stock! So for those who want that custom look for the MM now's your chance to stand out from the crowd!
  7. djidroneservice

    Mavic Mini DIY Arm Swap

    if you need the arms we have those as well
  8. djidroneservice

    100,000th member gets a Free Tello

    We will hit 100,000 shortly. DDS will sponsor a FREE Tello to the 100,000th member. Congrads to the other 99,999 members which makes this the best drone forum in existence. Keep up the great work!!! w/o you there is no forum BTW Black Friday Deals and the additional $100 forum exclusive...
  9. djidroneservice

    DJI Ronin S Refurb $150 Off! Ends 12/4 Was $599 Now Only $449 while supplies last KEEP IN MIND THIS IS NOT THE STRIPPED DOWN ESSENTAILS KIT SO YOU ALSO GET Focus wheel various control cables (RSS-IR, multi-camera type-C, multi-camera type-B) 24 W USB power adapter accessory box two...
  10. djidroneservice

    Expired-DJI CARE+ 20% OFF SALE*

    How it works 1.You must have an active DJI care plan 2. You must have at least 1 replacement left on the existing dji care plan 3. The DJI Care + will kick in upon expiration of the the orginal DJI care plan for another year that's it...
  11. djidroneservice

    All Osmo / Ronin On Sale!

    Check out these crazy prices on all osmo's & ronin's PM if interested OSMO Osmo Action- $379/ $275 w/ forum discount Osmo Mobile 3- $119/ $99 w/ discount Osmo Mobile 3 Combo- $139/ $119 W/ discount OsmoPocket- $399 /$309 w/ discount Osmo Mobile 2 DJI Certified Refurbished- $109/ $79 w/ discount...
  12. djidroneservice

    Mavic Mini Fly B4 U Buy Launch Party

    Want to test fly the Mavic Mini Before you Buy? Drop by our launch party @ DronezoneNJ and you will be able to leave w/ Mavic Mini on the Same Day
  13. djidroneservice

    Free Level 1 training @ DronezoneNJ

    Event will be held @ DroneZone NJ The Northeast's Largest indoor training Facility Address is 1 Church St Unit 93, Flemington, NJ 08822 Meet and great w/ Chief Pilot Lopez who will be administrating a Free Level 1 Training and an intro to Part 107 Certification as well. Also 10% Off...
  14. djidroneservice

    Dji store no stock Not sure what happened but We do have plenty of dji stock for the forum