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  1. MrYKBQdV

    DJI Mavic 2 Zoom - RC Remote Factory Defect, very loud fan noise

    Hi everyone. I have just received a brand new DJI Mavic 2 Zoom bought from the official euro DJI Store. I haven't activated and/or flown the drone yet. As a I was preparing for the first flight I turned on the Remote controller RC and left it on, without even connecting the RC to the drone...
  2. Adman21

    Boil or contusion?

    My Mavic developed s contusion on the top at the front just to the left of center if you are looking at it head-on. It has never been crashed or experienced any sort of impact or crush. Can't figure out what this thing is other than a material defect that cropped up. Please see included pictures.
  3. L

    Gimbal loose - manufacturing defect, loose screws

    I just received my Mavic today and now I have to send it back before even turning it on. The two screws that join the gimbal assembly to the metal frame are loose. Finally I think that the technology is to the point where I can trust a quad to fly itself, so I give in and buy a drone knowing...
  4. A

    Searching for broken or defective Mavics for parts

    Hello Everybody, I crashed my MP and the camera cable and the gimbal ribbon is torn, and also the metal gimbal platform is broken. Since I cannot find Mavic parts anywhere, I buy broken or defective or water damaged Mavics for parts in hope I can repair my drone. If you have any parts or...