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dji editor

  1. J

    Rendering vid then app crashes

    I am wanting to render a vid that I have edited on the dji go 4 app. when it gets to 98% the app crashes. I have close all open app and have turned my phone off and on twice. I have tried rendering it 4 times and the same happens every time. I have a iPhone 8 . !!HELP!!
  2. D

    DJI Go4 Editor - tutorials for iOS and Android

    Hi Pilots, i've put together a walk through the Go4 Editor for both iOS and Android versions in case there is an interest. I hope it helps. PS. please consider liking and Subscribing ;) Thanks! iOS: Android:
  3. J

    Help with DJI Editor

    The video's I'm taking don't load into DJI Editor with my new Mavic, never had this issue with my P4P, I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, any suggestions?