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dji mavic pro footage

  1. M

    Outdoor Workout with Mavic | Awesome Active Tracking

    It was a gloomy/cloudy day, I was outdoor working out with the Mavic, managed to get some footages of the drone doing Active Tracking and Point of Interest, safe to say they've worked to its best ability.
  2. CanyonRunVideos

    Mavic PRO using a ND8 Filter

    Mavic PRO using a ND8 Filter on a cloudy day in Chino Hills, CA.
  3. M

    When you try to fly Mavic in Dense Fog and Rainy condition... 4K Footage

    Just when you thought flying in rainy and foggy condition is boring... I tried to fly your Mavic in Dense Foggy and rainy condition... came out with some surprising result...