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dji phantom 3 pro

  1. Dolmatian

    Porting flight path from DJI Fly over to a georeferenced mapping software like Avenza Maps

    Hello, I'm currently using a DJI Phantom 3 Pro for work, doing photography and GPS tracking, and would like to be able to port the flight path from the DJI Fly app over to a mapping software, like Avenza Maps. Would there be a way to port the flight path information over to a different mapping...
  2. Jaseman007

    Hello from Brisbane, Australia!!

    Hi everyone! Jason here from Brisbane. I'm heading over to Vancouver on 1st November and have a supplier from Toronto shipping my new Mavic Pro to me when I land in Van. Drones Toronto were extremely helpful. Really looking forward to the Mavic. I will have my P3Pro with me as well in case...