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dji spark

  1. R

    Mavic Pro speed in Litchi

    Did Litchi change the max speed or flight angle for the Mavic Pro recently? I used to get up to the advertised max of 54 km/h on waypoint missions. For the last cpl weeks at least, I've only managed to top out around 39 km/hr. I took my Spark out today and ran the same mission (took the 2nd half...
  2. J

    Hi there. New to the group.

    Hello. Name’s Jack. I’ve heard good things about this site. I have a question, what would be a good budget android tablet to buy as a view screen for my DJI Spark. My first drone. Pretty excited to get into it. I have the controller and the tablet bracket/holder. Just want to get something that...
  3. ExtremeElementz

    Good Evening from Wisconsin

    New to the forum, awaiting my free Spark and looking forward to selling my Traxxas E Revo and fund a larger Mavic. Glad to see a community like this where we can come together and have fun, share stories and post experiences! ? I have a lot to learn about this hobby I’ve been in the RC world for...
  4. ClaudioSr

    Little Spark into the woods

    I'm a proud DJI Mavic Pro owner and recently bought a DJI RE Goggles... Amazing experience flying with Goggles. So just couple weeks ago i got a Spark (Too much rain this season in Massachusetts) for fun in and out of the house. This Saturday we had this amazing weather so I decide to fly my...
  5. Tom Stuart Causeway

    Tom Stuart Causeway

    Madeira Beach, FL
  6. D

    DJI spark in domestic flights India.

    Do you guys take your DJI Spark on domestic flights inside India? Have you faced any resistance from airport staff? Cabin or checkin? Your experiences and recommendations will help.

    DJI Low Profile Spark Propeller Case

    DJI Spark Low Profile Prop Case. Protect your spare propellers from nicks & disfigurement. This case was designed with size & portability in mind. Now you can carry your spare propellers around without worry of damage. Damage & Disfigurement can throw off the balance of your propellers...

    DJI Spark Propeller Guide (set of 5)

    DJI Spark Propeller Guides (set of 5) These Propeller guides are great for keeping your props in a fixed position for transportation or storage. They are made from non-scratch elastic rubber so they are malleable & will not scratch or damage your spark or propellers. They were designed for easy...

    DJI Spark Rubber Pin Cover

    DJI No Damage Non-Scratch Rubber Spark Pin Cover This pin cover will help prevent entry of Foreign Matter, Short Circuits, Oxidation & Broken or Bent pins during transportation & storage. They are made from non-scratch stiff rubber & will not scratch or damage your spark body like other abs...