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  1. R

    DJI Drone Service - Hillside, NJ

    I was recently directed to this company based out of Hillside, NJ that is also on this site for a new drone. They contacted me and stated they would sell me just a Mavic Mini for $250. They wrote me up a ticket and advised to pay through PayPal. Well I sent the money on like April 22nd and...
  2. djidroneservice

    Mavic Mini Fly B4 U Buy Launch Party

    Want to test fly the Mavic Mini Before you Buy? Drop by our launch party @ DronezoneNJ and you will be able to leave w/ Mavic Mini on the Same Day
  3. djidroneservice

    Osmo Mobile 3 NOW IN STOCK!

    Forum gets first Allocation before we the 800lb gorilla (amazon) swallows all 1000 pcs Forum Price $114 shipped pm if interested
  4. djidroneservice

    Dji store no stock Not sure what happened but We do have plenty of dji stock for the forum
  5. djidroneservice

    Crash Your Drone?

    Use Coupon Code "mavicpilots" to get $30 off your repair (put in the problem w/ your drone section)