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  1. Max96

    Share this video :) thanks at all

    Hi guy i want to share this video :) what do you think ?
  2. AirBuzzOne

    Afternoon flight over local art museum in the neighborhood with cool architecture

    I went for a walk in the neighborhood with my drone, fully charged batteries and empty memory card in the backpack. I ended up launching the drone near the seashore at Høvikodden on a rocky sort of beach a bit away from the path where other people walked and did their afternoon exercise. From...
  3. crayban

    If you haven't visited Armenia with your drone, you are missing out!!!

  4. BlazeAir

    Canadian Museum for Human Rights

    Recently I went up to visit my family in Winnipeg. While there I took a tour of the remarkable Canadian Museum for Human Rights. It was quite the eye opener. After we were done I drove across the bridge and broke out the Mavic. It was such a beautiful area I thought it would be perfect for a...
  5. BlazeAir

    Minnesota Lake Life

    Thanks to the beautiful weather we had in the Brainerd Lakes Area over this 4th of July weekend, we were able to get some great lake footage. All of the aerial footage in this video is filmed on Gull Lake in Minnesota. We also stopped by the always fun Zorbaz Restaurant! Lake Life is wonderful...
  6. welsewool

    Dnipro flight

  7. 170419_Roster_6112


    DJI Mavic Pro 3D Flotation Recovery Undercarriage
  8. regandunstan

    Double DJI Drone Startup Tone / Weird Startup Tone

    Hi guys, Has anyone found out what the double DJI drone startup tone / weird startup tone is? I have attached a link which encounters the exact same sound. It's like a pre-beep before the genuine DJI drone startup tone is emitted. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Cheers...
  9. T

    DJI Mavic as the camera man

    Just got my Mavic 3 days ago coming from an Inspire 1 this is a great little machine. Check out my video... Still trying to get my head around all the features the inspire doesn't have... Let me know what you think!
  10. crayban

    Crashed and lost my Mavic in Thailand. :(

    Crashed and lost the Mavic due to initially flying in ATTI mode and could not control the Mavic due to wind conditions. :( Lesson learned for the future.