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  1. SirWilliamofKernow


    Hi, New to the flying camera tech and want to explore filters and how they can better my video / photo enhancement? Any suggestions? thanks
  2. AirBuzzOne

    Drone footage of concrete bunkers from the Second World War in Denmark

    Hi guys! Here's a bunch of photos shot with my old DJI Mavic Pro of some concrete bunkers scattered on a beach in Denmark. They are remains from the Second World War and the Atlantic Wall build by Nazi Germany. Read more about the story and see more pictures on my blog if you are interested.
  3. AirBuzzOne

    The Car Cemetery in Båstnäs, Sweden - short 4K drone film

    The remote Swedish scrapyard where old cars rust in peace! I woke up at 04:00, packed my camera gear and Mavic Pro drone and began a two-hour drive to catch the sunrise over the fantastic car cemetery deep in the woods. I’ve been here many times before, but this time I wanted to try something...
  4. Shawn3D

    How To Get EPIC Professional Looking Cinematic Footage From Your Dji Mavic & Phantom 4 Pro

    Hey Guys, read this extremely useful post to help you with a few tips and tricks to getting your footage looking great. Highly recommended... ARTICLE HERE
  5. C

    Spare Parts shop in Mykonos, Greece

    Hey there, my friend and I are in Mykonos and we just realised that she forgot to back two of the propellers on the DJI Magic Pro Does anyone know a place in Mykonos or Athens that has spare parts? So upsetting not being able to use this on our trip for the week. Thanks x
  6. patelravi

    Aerial shots of Burlington beach

  7. patelravi

    Some aerial shots of Hamilton city

  8. regandunstan

    Double DJI Drone Startup Tone / Weird Startup Tone

    Hi guys, Has anyone found out what the double DJI drone startup tone / weird startup tone is? I have attached a link which encounters the exact same sound. It's like a pre-beep before the genuine DJI drone startup tone is emitted. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Cheers...
  9. T

    DJI Mavic as the camera man

    Just got my Mavic 3 days ago coming from an Inspire 1 this is a great little machine. Check out my video... Still trying to get my head around all the features the inspire doesn't have... Let me know what you think!
  10. crayban

    Crashed and lost my Mavic in Thailand. :(

    Crashed and lost the Mavic due to initially flying in ATTI mode and could not control the Mavic due to wind conditions. :( Lesson learned for the future.