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dominican republic

  1. MindlessPursuit

    Flying over Sosua, Dominican Republic

    Greetings All!! It was around 10pm in Dominican Republic when I was flying over the northern coast of beaches in Sosua (Max altitude of 200ft because of an airport). I have a Mavic Air 2, so the night video wasn't as good as daytime flying. After a couple minutes of flying around I noticed...
  2. tydrones

    First time flying in Dominican Beach Punta Cana 4K

    Manual Colour Grading done let me know if you think .... Thanks
  3. tydrones

    Dominican Republic Sunrise from Above

  4. L

    Club Med Punta Cana Dominican Republic August 2017

    Had a great time here a couple of weeks back. First attempt shooting 2.7k
  5. IcyLiquid

    Beach Vacation - Punta Cana (Bavaro)

    Footage from my vacation in Punta Cana.
  6. jopolski

    Dominican Republic drone video

    Hello! I was hoping to share my video from Dom. Rep. shot entirely with P3P and edited in fcpx. That drone has now been made redundant and I am hoping to shot another one using the Mavic! I think it's a common thought after posting the video, that few things could've been edited...